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The last party of 2011…Happy Birthday Homa!

2011 was a wonderful year for us, with lots of beautiful weddings, parties, events, and TV & film flowers to play with! Our final party of the year was on December 22nd, in the private “York” dining room of Hawksworth Restaurant at the lovingly restored Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

We chose a colour palette of deep greens, golds, chartreuse, and ivory to work in this unbelievable room, with it’s subtle & elegant colours, architectural details and incredible art.

Each table is graced with a tall vase filled with perfectly clean water & floating Rose Petals & topped off with full and showy fresh arrangement of flowers. The vases are displayed on a light boxes which illuminate the Rose petals in the water.

We used imported Hydrangea from New Zealand, local Snowball Mums, local Cymbidium Orchids, South American Roses, Californian Green Jade Trachellium and white Trachellium, and featured both the deep green & the gold of the Magnolia from a local garden.
I love this room, although it is smaller (Max seating for 72…this particular party was for 64 guests) it creates an intimate event, with details that are breathtaking, and of course the amazing culinary skills from the chefs at Hawksworth.
Happy Birthday Homa!